Monday is Morris Night... as David Claims Silver in Sochi

David Silver medallist
Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Nunawading's own Olympian, David Morris, shines in Sochi overnight beating the odds & his competitors to claim the silver medal in the aerial skiing.

A visit to the Nunawading Gymnastics & Sports Club's display night by Kirstie Marshall, and the generous offer to coach him, sparked David's Aerial Skiing career. As Australia’s only male aerial skier, David has spent many years training alongside the women’s team and at various locations abroad.

Going into the event “all I wanted to do was go in and do some nice jumps, and be a pain in the butt for the rest of the competitors.”

After cruising straight into the top 12 with his first qualifying jump, David then scrapped into the top 8 and then again into the top 4 super final. “Going into that last jump I was prepared to come fourth. I was prepared to lose in order to try for the win.” 

Knowing that landings was his personal strength David’s plan in the final was just to land his jump cleanly and “make them beat me.” “If they (his competitors) had landed their best jumps there’s, no way I would have come second. I know that I am not the best jumper out there. I got lucky.”

While David is modest about his achievements, there is no doubting that aerial skiing not only requires a high level of skill but also a large degree of strategy. David & his team last night combined a medal winning strategy with a near flawless performance.

With his family & team mates going crazy in the crowd, and his Nunawading family at home screaming at their television sets, David’s final jump was enough to secure him the silver medal. David becomes Australia’s first ever medalist in the men’s Aerial Skiing, a title that can never be taken from him. Speaking to Channel 10’s Mel McLaughlin after his competition, David confessed he nearly walked away from the sport after Vancouver, but “I took a year off (in 2011) and I realised during that time off I wasn’t done… which is good cos this just happened!”

David, on behalf of your Nunawading family CONGRATULATIONS!!! We can’t wait for you to return to the gym so we can celebrate your amazing achievements.

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